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‘The Romantics’ runs off the rails

Keith A. Reynolds Contributor It seemed simple enough, as soon as I heard that the College had planned a concert of the finer works of the Romantic masters and The Collegian wished to cover it, I jumped at the opportunity….

Civic Band stagnates

Keith A. Reynolds Contributor Civic band concerts tend to conjure memories of old men with shiny heads performing the works of Sousa with uncharacteristic vigor. Something about the concept of a concert band made up of non professionals performing mostly…

Evolutionary biology vs. creationsim: Which should be taught in schools?

Kim Teodecki Staff Writer Americans live in a society where scientific theories are forced into subjection rather than ideological or religious belief. When inquiring creationism and how or when the earth was created and whether or not humans evolved from…

Showdown at the Collegian Corral on gun control

  Point By Drew Scofield Photo Editor Recently it was announced firearms would be allowed on campus at University of Colorado to those who possess a valid conceal and carry permit.  This is a step in the right direction for…

My graduation 2012 story

By Sandra Cross Contributor I just wanted to share a story in hopes that it might inspire other people who think they cannot earn a college degree.

National debt versus health issues

Looking at both sides of smoking the controversy By Crystal Eynon Staff Writer Smoking is the cause of lung cancer 90 percent of the time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It also has a profound effect…

Veteran speaks out on Afghanistan killings

I have had my fair share of roadside bombs and mortar attacks while I was deployed to Iraq in 2004.  I have also dealt with an emotional roller coaster after returning from my deployment for one year.  

Should Students Pay to Park?

By Valerie Morris Page Layout Editor If there’s one thing LCCC doesn’t need, it’s a fee to park. With the fairly recent addition of printing fees from the library, students don’t need to be slapped with another cost, no matter…