Mark Poalson
JRNM 151

LCCC’s Athletic Department strives to excel in recruiting and expanding it programs.

For the past 35 years, Jim Powers has made it his mission to keep this tradition alive. Powers wears many hats. He is the assistant athletic director and head cross country coach, club sports coordinator, and associate professor in the Health and Science Division.

LCCC offers many sports and club activities to students and is always trying to look for new programs. However, Powers said, “Nothing new has been in the works just yet. We are going to stick with what we have until we get our numbers up from the Corona Virus.”

Fortunately, LCCC was one of the few colleges that was able to bounce back quickly and bring the sports programs back, according to Powers.

“Recruitment is always at the top of our minds, and we are doing everything we can to bring in athletes to LCCC,” Powers said, noting he and his team are trying to find new ways for recruitment, whether it be getting involved with local high school athletic directors, going to high school events, or even hosting sports camps at the college.

Powers, who graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Recreation Education from The Ohio State University and also graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Education in Physical Education Administration.

Participating in college-level sports offers many benefits and advantages.

College sports provide opportunities to compete, succeed and learn at a higher level of play. Even though LCCC competes at the Division=3 level, Powers believes playing a sport while attending LCCC is a must.

“Here at LCCC, playing a sport will benefit you (students) in the long run,” Powers said. “It’s a great added value to yourself and your resume, and we have a great reputation as a college.”

To learn more about the sport or club activities, contact Powers at 440-366-7662.