Lauren Hoffman

On Nov. 15, Lorain County Community College got an insight into the world of recycling thanks to the Lorain County Collection Center. Nov. 15, which has been denoted America Recycles Day once again by the National program commissioners, has long had its roots in Lorain County.

Coming to LCCC

This year the program spread to LCCC once more as a way to continue the important message of recycling, especially now.

According to Brandi Schnell from the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District, “we want people to be aware of what recycling is and how it prevents items from going into the landfill as well as its importance.”

This year the collection center branched out to the college through an America Recycles booth filled with information on the importance of recycling as well as how to do it right in your own community.

Not so hard

“Many people think that recycling is hard and so they tend not to do it,” says Schnell. “They used to teach about the numbers of what plastics you could and couldn’t recycle and it just got all confusing.”

Remember the list

To combat this, Schnell provided college students with a “Recycle Right in Lorain County” poster designating the five types of recyclables along with directions.

“You can recycle cans, cartons, glass, paper and plastic which many people don’t know, but one thing you should never put in your recycling is plastic bags and wrap because it will get caught in the machines.”

Schnell reminded students and guests to take these fliers with them and “plaster them everywhere” as a way to continue to spread efforts.

What about the larger stuff

As for the larger recyclable items or others that shouldn’t go into the landfill, Schnell introduced the college to the collection center’s material list. Products like old light bulbs, tires, gasoline, paint thinner, road flares and more can all go to the sight to be repurposed instead of making its way into the landfill.

“We ask that these be separated because if there’s too much of bad things in one batch, it has to all go into the landfill and curbs our efforts,” says Schnell. “This way these items can get another use and keep our efforts moving at the same time.”

Taking the pledge

Finally, Schnell asked visitors to take the America Recycles Day pledge in order to continue the recycling efforts. “By signing this pledge, you agree to remember to recycle and help the environment, plus as an incentive you will get entered to win either a rain barrel or $25 Amazon gift card,” says Schnell.

The barrel, which is useful in rural areas, is gifted from the collection center to promote recycling of a different kind, water usage. “We as humans go through so much water on a daily basis and don’t tend to take advantage of the water falling around us,” Schnell says.

“This barrel not only collects the water but filtrates it as well to better shape the future.”