Anthony Leyva
Staff Writer

Members of the student senate pose with LCCC President Marcia Ballinger, Ph.D., following the swearing-in ceremony.
The six new student senators are excited to bring new activities to LCCC’s campus and are looking forward to the new school season ahead.
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The year is looking bright for Lorain County Community College as they sworn in a brand new student senate cabinet Aug 22 during the first day of fall semester opening festivities. This is the first time that the student senate has had an official swearing in ceremony, adding to the many new and exciting changes coming to campus.

 With new leadership comes new plans and new opportunities. The new senate is filled with a diverse group of members with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

Meet the senate
Luis Hernandez, Student Senate President, is a first-generation LCCC student. He intends on graduating Spring 2023 with an associate in English and Fine Arts. Hernandez wants to increase representation for every LCCC student. 

Hernandez says, “As the learning center representative last year, I wanted to expand my horizons and represent the student body fully. As president I plan to bring 100% students. Student voices, student representation and student faces 100%. Nothing matters more to me than that.”

Brenda Hitchens, Vice President, is also a first-generation student with an Associates of arts degree. She is currently working towards completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. According to Hitchens,, “I wanted to get more involved with the student activities and learn more about what the college has to offer. I wanted to grow and learn more about leadership and I hope to bring more fun activities to campus.”

Brittany Kramer, Financial Secretary, has three associates in business management, real estate, and an associate of arts. She is working toward her fourth degree through the Miami science of commerce partnership. When asked why she chose to join student senate she replied, “I think the leadership aspect of it really. I know I have a lot to say and being a leader for PTK and in my own department, it really felt like a must.”

Nashalie Nieves, Event Coordinator, is a first-generation student majoring in Associate of Arts, Universal Arts, and Medical Assisting. Nieves enjoys helping others and organizing events.

 “I have always been a multitasker; I love setting up events. I wanted to show first year students that you can graduate and still participate in activities.” Nieves says she likes to focus her time on working with first generation students. “ We help them by mentoring them, providing them with resources, and with English lessons here at LCCC,” she says. 

Autumn Menzie, Learning Center Representative, is pursuing her Associate of Arts, business marketing, and management. She enjoys photography and being an advocate for students with disabilities. Menzie says, “When I first saw the student senate in 2018 and how much fun they were having I knew then that I wanted to join. I couldn’t at the time though, so I decided to join now.”

Danelle Johnson, University Partnership Representative, is a first-generation college student with an Associate of Arts degree. She is also currently pursuing a BA in Psychology through Cleveland State. She is passionate about leading and encouraging students to participate in college events. 

“I have a lot of experience with leadership and students. I want to be a voice for the students here at LCCC because I feel a lot of students go unheard. I want to help students of color engage and participate in campus events,” says Johnson. 

Future Goals
As the senators are settling into their new roles, they are also preparing for the hard work ahead. The team plans to improve dining options, campus tours, and student participation among others.

The Student Senate is having a general meeting on Wednesday Sept. 28th 12am – 1pm. All students are welcome to attend to voice their concerns or engage in campus events. The Student Senate will also have a ‘Real Talk’ meeting on Wednesday Oct. 5 from 12am – 1pm. ‘Real Talk’s’ are casual meet ups where students can talk to senators about anything on campus. General Meetings and Real Talks alternate every Wednesday.

Real Talks and general meetings alternate every other Wednesday and topics include hot button items to get students involved.