Lauren Hoffman

Lorain County Community College experienced a different kind of emergency alert Thursday afternoon. At 2:45 p.m. Main campus’ fire alert systems blared to life urging students, staff, and faculty to evacuate the building following an “emergency situation.” 

A Elyria Fire Department truck (right) arrives to the college center to investigate alarms. College center sign is to the bottom left with the entrance to the college center in the middle.

EFD arrives at the College Center to investigate the alarms.
Photo: Lauren Hoffman

Within minutes, the buildings emptied and Elyria Fire Department arrived to investigate the source of the alert. Two firefighters suited up in full protective gear and followed a member of LCCC’s campus security into the building. Students and staff looked on as they entered the building carrying a pike pole to breach any areas that might be deemed unsafe for even the firefighters to enter. 
After 10 minutes, the building was given the all-clear as the firefighters and campus security officer returned from the building. The source of the commotion? A defunct smoke detector in the northwest corner of the Campus’ basement tunnel systems. 
Campus Security officer Brandon Brown stated that “these kinds of things tend to happen from time to time. When one goes bad, it sets off the alarms which can cause minor panic sometimes.” 
The last time LCCC was evacuated due to a fire was about a month ago when a suppressor failed above the Marketplace Subway shop. 
This mechanical error has no relation to the devastating campus tunnel fire back in Feb. 2009 as well as no connection to the four recent bomb threats main campus received.