Aeshash Owaydhah
JRNM 151

There are several causes that drive higher education institutions to create instructional initiatives of various forms and purposes. Among them are studying abroad programs that are offered as a kind of field deepening or as a parallel to other institutions.
Lorain County Community College is amongst the colleges that have a study abroad branch. LCCC currently enrolls 25 international students, the majority of which are from South Korea.
But the program also goes the other way. LCCC offers a chance for their students to study abroad as well.
This constitutes an opportunity for students wishing to travel abroad to become acquainted with new cultures. In comparison to universities, most community institutions in the United States offer extremely few study abroad opportunities. As a result, many institutions, including four-year and community schools, have a lot of study abroad programs available to their students.
Shaun Marsh, Ph.D., LCCC’s chief adviser on the program says, “Like, if you go to Ohio State University, they probably have many partnerships with other colleges and universities in other countries.”
And it’s generally is not the case at community college institutions except for LCCC. This is because for most community colleges, their students are unaware that they may study abroad, or because some students come from financial conditions that make it nearly difficult due to the expense.
LCCC started its study abroad program 15 years ago partnering with many other countries like France, Denmark and England. In the past 5 years LCCC has sent only one or two students.
Marsh says if the low turnout “the reason is many students think it’s really expensive.”
But what is the benefit?
Some of the advantages of the study abroad program. include visiting a new nation, experiencing a new area and meeting people from various countries. It’s truly making you globally competent and able to perceive it, especially in the United States.
Many students do not have the opportunity to go to other nations, therefore they do not get a taste of what life is like in another country. As a result, they exclusively think about the United States and everything from that perspective.
So, traveling overseas can assist to open people’s minds a little bit more on life as a whole.