Aiden Matta
JRNM 151
The Lorain County Community College men’s basketball team has made history this season with their record-breaking performance.
The basketball team finished first in their division, earning them the title of regional champions this year. This comes after a couple of tough years due to Covid-19 and a rough season. The men’s basketball team previously was awarded the championship title in 2017.
Head coach Martin “Marty” Eggleston has been the coach through both championships leading the boys through thick and thin. Eggleston said, “It is very historic to win the award because it was the second in our history. It builds a goal for next year to win the district championship.”
 Despite winning regional champs, the boys lost by seven points this year to Rock Valley in the district championship finals after a hard-fought game.
Player Bennett Sulen said, “It was a great achievement after having to go through a canceled season due to Covid-19 and only being able to get three wins the year before, it also builds the foundation for next year.”
The rest of the team is also very excited to make improvements for next year as they head into a hopeful semi-normal season.
Another player Casey Kelley said, “I’m happy we made history but I wanted more and felt like we could’ve got more.” Kelley, a Firelands graduate, chose basketball over football while in high school and has stuck with it ever since. For him, basketball is a drive that is unmatched.
Kelley is still proud of the team, saying, “The team had a very successful season though and I’m glad to gain a big confidence booster for next season.” The boys will begin their next season in the fall of2022 when the new semester starts with Coach Marty Eggleston at the helm.