Hernandez highlights the value of literature at the event. Submitted Photo.

Oscar Rosado

Student Senate Learning Center Representative Luis Hernandez has never seen an event that highlighted his area of interest. In this case, it is literature. To do something about it, he organized a literary appreciation event at the Spitzer Conference Center at the Culinary Arts Lobby on Dec. 3 where many students and even faculty got a chance to showcase their literary talents.

Hernandez has been with the Student Senate since the start of the semester, and an English major for three years.

“Being an English major, I haven’t seen any events that have to do with literature, so being in Student Senate, I wanted to bring that out and I’ve gotten a big response from students who wanted to participate, and even if they didn’t want to participate, they wanted to be there,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez said students have said there hasn’t been much of a chance to showcase and express a lot of their literature, writing, poetry, etc.

“This was a great chance to show our talents,” said Hernandez. “I wanted to give students a chance to show their talent in literature.”

Hernandez encourages the art of literature, saying, “Once you hear people’s poetry, it can take you to another level/world.”

Hernandez wished to have a mix of writing from both students and staff as a lot of staff on campus have written published works to give them a chance to express themselves.

“I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to express themselves, not somebody from out of town. We have so many authors and writers here that I didn’t even know of, so why have somebody from outside when we have our very own talents here,” said Hernandez, hoping to have authors homegrown here in LCCC.

The theme for the event was royalty. On the tables at the event, Hernandez had quotes from various authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, among others, so people can get a sense of who they are, and why we can consider them royalty.

“It’s also a way for people to know about good authors from our books and English classes,” commented Hernandez. “We have our own English royalty here, so that was my mindset going in.”

Hernandez commented he is new to the senate, and wanted to do something different and think outside the box to attract as many students as possible. He wanted to stray away from what has already been done by previous senate members.

“Whatever it took to attract our students,” said Hernandez. “I want students to be not only aware of our events but actually like our events enough for them to show up,” said Hernandez. “This is for them, the students, we are representing them the body of students, with that said, I want them to feel like we’re doing a good job with that.”

Hooks recites a poem at the event.
Submitted Photo.

The event itself

Many participated in the event including LCCC English professors, Karin Hooks Ph.D., Kimberly Karshner, and Kurt Fawver Ph.D recited their written works, as well as LCCC students including Bailey Borer, Michael Washington, Rahab Ali, student senate financial secretary Asia Quiñones-Evans, student senate president Zarai Aquaino, and Editor-in-Chief of the LCCC newspaper The Collegian Oscar Rosado.

The event was accompanied by food, as well as jazz music performed by the Jef Meyers Trio.

Student Bailey Borer recites poetry at the event. Submitted Photo.

“Feeling blessed”

After the event was said and done, Hernandez felt content.

“It was very amazing, it went really well,” said Hernandez. “I felt honored and surprised because literature has proven once again, that it is a way of getting people together, and into one voice together. We proved that. Students were reciting, faculty were reciting, it was amazing.”

There was also an opportunity for open mic, in which five people participated already prepared even though none had signed up for the event initially. 

“They didn’t RSVP, they didn’t say they were going, showed up, because they heard of it, and wanted to go. I feel so blessed,” said Hernandez.