Destiny Torres
Staff Writer

The future of gaming has drastically changed in recent years. What once used to be a hobby has become a career for some as competitive gaming, or Esports as it’s typically called has raised to frame.

According to a report by, 728.8 million people watched Esports live streams and videos this year. The revenue for this industry has jumped up to $947 million in 2021.

Stepping into the future with competitive gaming this school year was Lorain County Community College. The new Commodores’ varsity esports team officially launched at the start of the 2021 fall semester.  

The team is coached by Evan Walker, who graduated with a bachelors in Sports Management from Baldwin Wallace in 2020.

“We currently only have a team of four players and want to grow the program,” Walker said.

Though the sport is co-ed, the team is composed of four freshman men; Avery Harssema, Gavin Lincicome, Matthew Coleman and Randy Wysocky.

The team is currently competing with Super Smash Bros. Which is a Nintendo Switch game that features multiple different characters from many different video games competitively fighting. Players compete online with other NJCAA Esports teams in a best-of-five rounds format.

The team meets every Wednesday in the Ewing Physical Education and Fitness Center and is currently awaiting their placement and seedings for a national tournament, which will be played by Randy Wysocky who finished his freshman season 8-1. The first round of playoffs was scheduled for today, Nov. 30.

“We currently only have four players and want to grow the program. Though I don’t have specifics yet, we’ll be having open tryouts sometime in January. We are looking for a few more smash players. We are limited to the Nintendo Switch games in Person, so you would need your own equipment if playing on a different console or PC,” Walker said.

Students interested in the LCCC Commodores Esports team may contact Walker at or watch them stream their competitions on Twitch @CommodoreEsports.