Pictured First row: Assistant Coach Vicki Guggenbiller, Alex Trendle, Ally Marszal, Katrina Lee, Grace Morris, Devin Cannon, Head Coach Jim Powers. Pictured Back Row: Caleb Cabrera, Matthew Kirsch, Devin Baumgartner, Mackenzie Deibel, Davin Catanese. Not pictured: Dominic Houdeshell. Submitted Photo.

Hayden Lowstetter
JRNM 151

Jim Powers, LCCC Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country Coach has been at the forefront leading the program since 2008. He has helped push the Commodore’s to a 26-29 win over Kellogg Community College claiming the Men’s NJCAA Region 12 Division 3 Championship. 

Powers was just teaching part time as a professor when he joined LCCC in 1988. Powers thought that teaching was “Just a job,” but soon realized he’d always find himself gravitating back to LCCC.

“All I knew when I took the job was that I wanted to work in college recreation and wanted to work with sports.” Said Powers.

Everything panned out for Powers, he’s an Associate Professor in the Health and Wellness Sciences division where he teaches classes like sports history, basketball, and stress management. On top of being an Associate Professor and cross-country coach, Powers acts as Assistant Athletic Director and Club Sports Coordinator. Some of the tasks that Powers tackles while holding those titles would be to schedule officials, schedule a game’s time and place, and work with other coaches. Powers also added that he wishes to coordinate recreation for the public community given the feedback.

What Coach Powers had deemed a “fantastic” day in Lansing, Michigan started with a hungry 12th ranked group of men and women nationally, ended with a Men’s Cross-Country NJCAA Region 12 Division 3 Championship. Powers said, the match was “very close” and that it really could have gone “either way”. The Commodore’s runners Mackenzie Deibel, finished 1st, and Caleb Cabrera, finished 2nd, really led the team off with a great start to the day with their performance. The remaining runners on the team finished 6th,8th,9th,10th, and 11th which was just enough for the Commodore’s to claim a 26-29 victory over Kellogg Community College. 

“All six runners finished with their best time of the year,” said Powers.

The Women’s Cross-Country team was also competing against Kellogg Community College on Oct. 30. While the Women’s team put up a very admirable performance, they fell just short to Kellogg with a final score of 24-33. The Commodore’s runner Devin Cannon finished 2nd all regional honors. While the rest of the Women’s team finished 4th, 6th,10th,11th.

“They all played their hearts out and competed and raced their hardest,” said Powers.

The Men’s Cross-Country team is now set to compete on Nov. 13, in Milledgeville, Georgia where they will have a chance to win nationals.