Dr. Ballinger

Christina Yuhasz
JRNM 151 

“Dream big because opportunities are immense for students,” LCCC President Marcia Ballinger, Ph.D., urged students at the President’s Forum on Nov. 1 at the College Center.

At the forum, held two years later due to COVID-19, Ballinger discussed various topics: Career by Design, the University Partnership, equity, and mental health. Career by Design helps students meet their goals by connecting them with employers. Another resource is the Career Office which helps students prepare for jobs.

Ballinger said the Career by Design program is expected that 10,000 more students will graduate from the college. “Between 2019 and 2025, 10,000 more students will graduate from Lorain County Community College. As of this past May we are 55% of the way towards that goal.”

The college’s University Partnership began 25 years ago. Ballinger said she is a proud graduate of Kent State’s MBA program through the University Partnership program.

“The US Department of Education named LCCC this past summer the most affordable higher education institution in Ohio. With the University Partnership students save $74,000,” Ballinger said.  

Starting in 2018, Lorain’s legislature provided colleges to apply for their own bachelor’s degree program.

The college is here to help every single student to meet their goals. Equity is what helps students succeed in classes or assignments they may be struggling with. Ballinger found that tutoring services offered at LCCC helped her to be successful, and it may help other students. “Little did I know everybody else was struggling, just as I was struggling,” Ballinger said.

Ballinger explained some of her challenges as president of LCCC. “I view everything as an opportunity,” Ballinger said. “The past 18 months has had so many challenges because everything has shifted in an ongoing way. We are here to ensure that student’s make it to the finish line.”

Marisa Vernon White, Ph.D., Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services at Lorain County Community College highlighted the mental health services available at the college. They include one-on-one counseling, the Advocacy and Resource Center, 24/7 answering service, TogetherAll, Active Minds, and WellTrack.