Students at the new activity center at the College Center. Oscar Rosado | Editor-in-Chief

Anthony LaRosa
Staff Writer

“One of the things we always wanted for our campus is for it to feel like home away from home,” said Marisa Vernon White, Ph.D., LCCC Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services, regarding the new additions to College Center. The new Student Activity Center includes a basketball hoop, foosball table, and an enlarged connect-four board. 

The center, which used to be housed in the University Center building has been relocated to the College Center for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. This is the beginning of the process to develop the CC into a key area where students can meet and spend their free-time.

“We really are trying to create CC as a hub for student engagement and connectivity. We pay attention to patterns of where students are hanging out and where there is a lot of traffic. The CC seems to be the heart of campus in many ways when it comes to where students are connecting, meeting up, having lunch, or spending some of their free time,” White said. “We want a campus where people feel like they can spend the majority of their day utilizing the beautiful spaces we have.”

This new location for the activity center at the College Center also works well for events that are hosted by the college and the Student Senate. Not only people who know about the event are able to attend, but anyone walking through the CC can stop and join in on the activity. 

Upcoming events on campus can be viewed through LCCC Connect, which is a new program that launched this semester to be “LCCC’s hub to connect students and members of the LCCC community to one another, events, engagement experiences and co-curricular learning,” according to the college’s website.

“It’s very convenient for students to know and be a part of LCCC Connect and use it,” Zarai Aquino, Student Senate President, said, “This program was created because it was shared that a student hub where students can find everything at once was needed.”