By Emma Konn
JRNM 151

As the nation is approaching a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers of victims are continuing to rise. The pandemic is growing at about 3,231 as a 7-day average, whereas during March of 2020 it was growing at 30 as a 7-day average. This prompts school communities to continue with an online education, which is exactly what Lorain County Community College is practicing.
The online learning system has put many students out of reach for the help they need, particularly international students. Wafaa Al-Quraan, an international student studying Psychology in their second year, is trying hard to carry on life as normal as one can during the pandemic. Restrictions such as online classes, social distancing, and quarantine can make it difficult to manage as a student. But Al-Quraan says “because of the online learning restrictions it creates social isolation, lack of motivation, less creativity, and no longer developing communication skills.” This lack of social exchange and interrupted educational growth are not the only effects felt by international students.
Reina Gjinika, an international student studying Universal Science in their second year, explains the difficulty that they have been seeing throughout the international student community as a whole, which is roughly 42 students.
 “As an international student, the greatest impact that COVID-19 had in my life is the restriction of closing the borders. This way many of us couldn’t see our families overseas,” said Gjinika. Online learning has been a necessity to the education system as quarantine has progressed. However, it does pose certain effects that can cause distress for international students, including communication delays, feelings of being a castaway, and unable to travel to meet their family in times of need.