Jayne Giese
Staff Writer

The campus of Lorain County Community College is filled with students from all walks of life.  Different backgrounds, interests, lifestyles, and personalities all striving to meet their educational goals. The main purpose of going to college is to obtain knowledge and earn a degree, but this is also an important time of personal growth and self expression.

One of the biggest ways to express oneself is through fashion. With trendy styles constantly changing every season, and celebrities sporting hot new looks; it can burn big holes in our small college debt-filled pockets.


Gregory wearing AE mom jeans, and an everyday cardigan.                Submitted Photo

Using apps

Students learn fast how to stretch their pennies while keeping up with their favorite must have looks.  Breanna Gregory is a returning LCCC student, transferring from the University of Findlay. One way Gregory keeps up with her favorite styles on a budget is through the American Eagle app. 

 “I have the AE app and I get rewards every time I make a purchase.  Once I hit a certain amount of points I get a $15 coupon.  On top of that, after you buy 5 pairs of jeans you get a pair for free, it’s the same when you buy bras as well,” Gregory said.

 “ When it comes to accessories, I love wearing nice jewelry. My favorites are rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can find good quality jewelry at an affordable price from Francesca’s.  Another great place for amazing deals is Marshals, you can’t go wrong there,” said Gregory.



Hamlin wearing an all black edgy ensemble.           Submitted Photo

Using coupons

Former LCCC graduate Whitney Hamlin has her own budgeting methods when she’s looking for her favorite styles.  “Anything black is my preferred taste.  I love wearing band T-shirts and combat boots. My favorite accessory is a cute black purse to tie the whole outfit together. Where I go to find the best deals is at Avalon exchange in Lakewood,” said Hamlin.

Hamlin’s biggest tip for catching the lowest prices is the use of coupons. “I use coupon apps all the time, it really is the best thing for a college budget,” Hamlin said.