Oscar Rosado

With two months since the Coronavirus has affected Wuhan, China, everything is under control according to Adjunct Faculty Member George Deng.

Deng, who also teaches Chinese online on campus since last Sep., is an exchange faculty originally from Changsha, China coming from the University of Changsha.

A virus declining

According to Deng, there are approximately 10,000 cases of the virus at the moment, but though the virus is not gone, it has been declining in the past two weeks.

Deng said patients have been kept in quarantine, and those who are not infected are told to stay at home. Regardless of the state of healthy people staying at home, people are still working their jobs and students are still doing school work inside.

Working indoors

Deng said people are self-disciplined, and schools from middle, high, and even college are working indoors.

“People are doing their assignments and businesses. For sure [the Coronavirus] is affecting the economy, but people are still working at home,” said Deng. He added that people have been staying at home for two weeks consecutively in recent times.

Deng said according to the Chinese government, people are only allowed one day of the week to go shopping.

Under control

“People have been obedient,” said Deng. “We’re trying our best to see what we can do. Things are under control. [China] believes in the government. All sides of society are working well,” said Deng.

Coming from Changsha, China which is approximately 400 km away from Wuhan, Deng said the people from that city, though much less affected by the virus, are still very much alert regardless of the declining numbers. 

“There is no single cure of the virus,” said Deng. “The virus is very lethal and brand new. There is no special medicine. The best way is to stay at home.”

He added that because the Coronavirus is a newer virus, it takes time to get to know it to keep it under complete control.

“We have managed to control it now, however it’s not easy, there are a lot of factors,” said Deng.


Map of where Wuhan is located in China          Submitted photo

A Wise Virus

Deng believes the Coronavirus to be very wise in his own words. The virus had started to occur during the Chinese Lunar New Year, which is a special time to migrate. Deng said this is a busy time of the year for China, and a huge quantity comes home during this time. 

Wuhan is also the heart of eastern China, which is densely populated with approximately 11 million people. Wuhan is a rich part of the country, and Deng said it is still an essential part economically. The city also has a number one river that goes through the city.

“The waterway is used to transport people, material, and historically is a place where warlords fought for,” said Deng. He added Wuhan is a mega city where people cross through everyday. “It is very easy for the virus to contract. The time the virus broke out, traffic was at its peak. This virus is very wise. It has wisdom.”

The origins of the virus according to Deng are said to be still unknown, and added this virus could have happened anywhere.

“We can’t estimate it, or calculate it. It is such an odd occurrence. It’s chance,” said Deng.

Deng said though the Coronavirus has set difficulties, “we can overcome this. We are quite confident actually.”