Eliza Lockhart
JRMN 151

Lorain County Community College is pleased to offer their new Flexible Evening Childcare program for students and staff, allowing parents attending or giving evening classes to take advantage of the college’s existing daycare services. 

The program, launched in the 2020 Spring Semester, is slightly different than the childcare already available through the college, and allows students greater flexibility in choosing when they need childcare. 

While the daytime care requires parents to reserve time for the whole semester, the evening care program (available from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for children age 3 through 11) can be booked when the parent needs it. The time must still be reserved via telephone, but it can be reserved at any time during the semester as long as the parent has completed the registration application and attended the required orientation. The $20 registration fee won’t be collected until the parent first uses this service, and at just $2.75 per hour per child, the new program is extremely affordable. 

Giving students support they need

“I’m very excited because this will let me take night classes and finish my degree faster,” said Carla Cobra, a social worker attending classes at the college.

“This just gives the students the support they need to be successful,” said Michele Henes, the Children’s Learning Center coordinator. Michele came to the decision to expand the program based on surveys and the opinions of fellow faculty members.

Strongly encouraged to utilize

Henes strongly encourages parents to register if they think they will need the care, especially since the registration fee won’t be charged until the parent uses the service. She also encourages students to book care for a half hour before and after their class, to allow them to get to and from their class without worry, and says that the more time in advance the time is booked, the more options for care the parent will have.

While the program has a limited number of spots available at the moment (just 12 children per half hour slot), the program will expand based on need. It has already created three additional part-time jobs in the Childcare Center, and may create more depending on how many parents use the service. 

This program will continue into the fall semester. Students can register at any time by filling out a registration form can be found at the Children’s Learning Center on campus. Call (440) 366-4038 with any additional questions.