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 “We’re really excited to be bringing the Amazon Small Business Academy to local entrepreneurs and businesses,” said LCCC President Marcia Ballinger. “This is a perfect fit with our Vision 2025 strategic plan to help improve the economic competitiveness of our region.”

“Our goal is to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship,” Ballinger said. “By leveraging our facilities and services with a national training program from Amazon we can help foster new growth in our local economy,” said Dr. Ballinger. “This is a great collaborative project between NACCE and our Amazon partner.”

This is in response to the Amazon Small Business Academy which will begin offering its range of digital business courses to Lorain County entrepreneurs and businesses through Lorain County Community College next semester, which was announced on Nov. 1. 

One of seven colleges in the U.S

LCCC is only one of seven community colleges across the U.S. where the academy is being established, according to a press release. The purposes of the courses is to help small businesses harness the power of the internet to reach more customers, build their brand, and grow sales. The initiatives include in-person seminars, community college courses, and webinars.

“I hope the Amazon Small Business Academy program will have people starting a business with Amazon. We’re very excited for it!,” exclaimed Director of the NEO LaunchNET Janice Lapina. “It is good for our institution, for our community, and our region, really. It is a great opportunity; and it gives a national spotlight. The sky’s the limit.”

How it came to be

According to Lapina, this has been in process since Aug. earlier in the year when Amazon pitched to the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, or NACCE. NACCE is the nation’s leading organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship through community colleges, representing more than 325 community and technical colleges and 2,000 faculty, staff, administrators and presidents who serve more than three million students according to a press release.

“We’re thrilled to embark on this innovative program with Amazon,” said Rebecca Corbin, Ed.D., president and CEO of NACCE.  

It was NACCE whom reached out to LCCC whom was asked to co-lead. Since then, Lapina and her team have been working on the logistics and how it will all work. Lapina said she and her team developed a marketing plan, as well as a formal launch for the courses that will be in place.

The only in Ohio

The Amazon Small Business Academy that will be placed here on campus is the only in the state of Ohio. LCCC itself is developing the curriculum by way of the NEO LaunchNET, and is co-building the curriculum alongside North Idaho College in Coeur dÁlene, Idaho.

There will be eight modules, with the NEO Launch NET doing four, while the other four are made by North Idaho College. The classes offered on campus will be non-credit course according to Lapina.

What will be covered 

The classes will cover the fundamentals of online business strategies, marketing, merchandising, inventory management, and more. The curriculum will provide sixteen hours of beginner, intermediate and advanced content. The content was created in collaboration with NACCE. LCCC is one of two lead NACCE lead schools. The other is North Idaho College, according to a press release. Not every detail is currently planned, as Lapina said Amazon has the final word on everything.

 LCCC will be launching Canvas Catalog, which is a new platform for the institution. According to Lapina, it is basically Canvas but for non-credit courses, and will launch next semester, when the courses are planning to come out.

Currently there is no official location to have these classes, but Lapina said, “We want it somewhere convenient for people, and easy to find.”

According to Lapina, the one who will instruct these courses will be NEO LaunchNET Program Coordinator Matthew Poyle. 

For more information contact Janice Lapina, at (440) 366-4192 or at Lapina@lorainccc.edu