Oscar Rosado

The Spoken Word Order or the SWORD is now officially a club on campus. Previously the Lorain Writer’s Society, Gerald Wetherbee has reinstated it to be the SWORD club.

Wetherbee has been writing poetry for over a decade and considers it a strong hobby. He shared them with friends and received good feedback and decided to share his work in a broader way with others in ways of a club.

“A workshop for people who like to write”

“I want it to be at its core an artistic workshop for people who like to write,” said Wetherbee. “We don’t not shun any type of poetry or arts. I want it to be a safe place for people to express themselves, as well as trying to create a spoken word slam poetry team to potentially go to competitions and compete and do performances. As a club of the arts, we do not believe in censorship, if anyone is easily offended you should not join because we do not believe in limiting artistic expression, within the artistic expression,” said Wetherbee. 

Where and when

Any one is welcome to join. Wetherbee said future meetings will be held on Wednesdays at Starbucks at the College Center after 1 p.m. and hopes people bring their poems if they have any. “It is not required for anyone to perform in performances but it is highly encouraged,” said Wetherbee. Wetherbee is the president, and Roderick Lucas (also goes by Batman) is the vice president. Arts and Humanities Instructor Kim Karshner is the faculty advisor.