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Oscar Rosado

Approximately 1,200 people attended the Harvest Festival held at the College Center on Oct. 26. It was hosted by Student Senate and the Student Life,program this year and the Festival is sponsored by Ford and the UAW Local 2000.

This year the Harvest Festival hosted a food drive where people were encouraged to bring in canned food donations. Anyone who still wants to donate can do so by bringing any to the Student Senate office in CC 203. The food drive will continue to take place until Mon Nov. 18.

Costume contest for children 

There was a costume contest which were divided in three age groups. There was a zero-five age group, six-ten age group, and 11-15 age group. The children would line up and members of Student Life got to vote one of five categories: scariest, funniest, most creative, cutest, and best overall which spanned over all age groups according to said President of the Student Senate Udell Holmes. Prizes for the contest included candy bags and certificates.“It turned out really well, great costumes here. Hope to see it grow, it was a lot of fun,” said Holmes.