Quentin Pardon
Assistant Editor

Students and staff were hyped and ready to vote after the Rock Your Vote event took place at the courtyard. Live music was performed and food was offered to all while registration stands helped students get registered to vote for this upcoming fall election.

“Young people can really change the result of the election. They seem more interested than my generation when it came to voting” said Bret Brown, who is a trainer educator at the Board of Elections and train with other PEOs (professional employer organization). “With the presidential election coming up, it’s better sooner than later to sign up now,” he continued.

Timothy Hill, financial secretary of student senate stated “The whole purpose of this is to get students engaged and voting. We felt like enough students weren’t getting involved and this event today will hopefully start a trend of more people participating.” 

Staff Council Leadership President, Kionna McIntosh-Pharms, had also voiced her opinion on the topic. “I think this is a great opportunity for student senate to collaborate with different programs so that students can see a variety of new events to learn from.”

National Election Day will be held November 5th, the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November . Citizens will cast ballots to select public officials from- local to national government. Presidential elections are held every four years. Elections to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate are held every two years. Local officials can be voted into office any year that is designated by the state.