Jayne Giese
Staff Writer

Club awareness, fun activities, and fist bumping robots can all be found during the first two weeks of the fall semester.  Located on College Center Mainstreet, there are 34 tables of various activities and clubs for the students of Lorain County Community College to learn more about in a fun environment.  The following week is Campus Resource Week which consists of (advising, financial aid, tutoring, career services, etc.).  

“The first week of college can be very emotional for both new and returning students.  Students can be excited, overwhelmed, nervous, intimidated, eager, confused, or scared.  I have observed students not wanting to be bothered because they are experiencing all these emotions.  So, if we did Club Awareness Week where each club has engaging activities at their tables, this would help ease some of these emotions,” said Rochelle Fairley, the Administrative Assistant of Student Life and was in charge of Welcome Week.  

The planning of Welcome Week takes about a month and a half to prepare.  After reserving the spacing they request physical set up and start advertising for the event.  Emails then go out to every student as well as the clubs and organizations.  

Fairly’s goals for the success of Welcome Week are geared towards helping all students at LCCC. “I want to help students start off strong and confident by helping them become familiar with campus resources and opportunities for involvement. I want to create opportunities for new students to interact with and meet other students,” Fairly said.

Abby Sears is a sophomore and new to Lorain County Community College.  Sears transferred from CSU to come and do the partnership with LCCC.  Majoring in physiology Sears is looking forward to the fall semester.  “I really like my professors here. Everyone that I’ve met so far is very friendly.  Seems more laid back than Cleveland state,” Sears said.  Sears has even signed up for Phi Beta during Welcome Week!

Beau Gibson is a Junior. at LCCC majoring in electrical engineering.  “My favorite part about welcome week every year is spinning all the wheels at the tables,” Gibson said. Gibsons biggest goal for the fall is to make it through the semester with a better understanding of how to build and design electronic circuits.  After the spring semester Gibson plans to transfer to CSU.

On Friday, Aug 30, LCCC held a picnic to celebrate the completion of the first week. Many students attended the event which had food, games, and music. 

Former early college graduate, Norae Clark, was participating in the activities.  “ I was at Toledo for two years but then I decided to comeback,” she said. “The difference is huge compared from here to Toledo.  Smaller campus, smaller classes, more one-on-one tutoring. Those were definitely my main concerns.” Clark will be studying Universal Science this fall. “I always wanted to become a surgeon when I was little but now I decided to become an anesthesiologist as my career path.” 

Quentin Pardon contributed to the story