Oscar Rosado

The Student Senate is organizing an event called “Your Vote Rocks” which will be held on Sept. 24 at the courtyard by the water fountain. The aim of the event, according to Vice President of the Student Senate Al Christian is to, “engage and educate students, faculty and staff about voting and registering to vote.” Christian added, “The event will let [students, faculty and staff] know they have a right to vote, and how to do it.”

The event will have currently three bands participate in a battle of the bands. Anyone who is interested in applying as a musician or group of musicians, can go online via lorainccc.edu/yourvoterocks by Sept. 16 at noon. 

Inquiries can be one person, or a group, and at least one must be a student on campus. Inquiries can be any musical genre, including instrumental. Bands must produce original musical content, that is family friendly, and follows the student code of conduct. Inquiries must also submit their lyrics to the Student Senate prior to Sep 16 by noon for approval. Winners of the battle of the bands can win $500.

According to Christian, the event was chosen on Sept. 24 because it will also be National Voter Registration Day, and felt it was the perfect time to do it.

Executive Secretary of the Student Senate, Carla Cobra, “encourages students to apply. The prize and visibility is good.”