Jayne Giese
Staff Writer

Changes are in the air here at Lorain County Community College, and MarketPlace is the biggest contender.  On top of new menus and an updated look, MarketPlace has gone eco-friendly and fresh.

“This year we are focused on not only the efficiency of MarketPlace, but the quality of our food and selections for everyone here on campus,” said Kevin Bible, one of the food service coordinators at MarketPlace. He is excited to create great speedy service for students and faculty this school year.

 One of the ways MarketPlace has gone fresh this year is with their delicious house fries.  The fries are now freshly cut made right here on campus, it is a three-day process to prepare.  

Fresh ingredients can also be found on the new Cantina menu.  “The new Cantina menu now offers build your own burrito bowls or tacos.  Everything made fresh right here on campus.  We are also now offering chips and salsa in bags to go for speedy service.  The salsa is also made fresh everyday,” said Bible.  

MarketPlace has added new ingredients to their salad bar, giving students and faculty a wider selection to create their favorite salads.  “Some of the new additions to the salad bar include fresh tuna, curry, tofu, fresh mozzarella, and diced or marinated chicken.  We’ve even added quite a few vegetables to the menu such as broccoli, edamame, roasted zucchini and squash, and garbanzo beans with kale and spicy citrus vinegar,” Bible said.  

Ordering pizza is now a breeze at MarketPlace this year.  “You can now call and order a whole pizza and it will be ready for pickup in about five minutes.  We’ve added daily specialty pizzas to the menu as well.  Monday’s special is the supreme pizza, Tuesday is the buffalo ranch chicken, Wednesday is BBQ chicken, Thursday is for the meat lovers on campus, and Friday is the white sauce pizza which includes tomato basil, garlic oil, and mozzarella,” said Bible.

Going eco-friendly this year is another big change MarketPlace has added to their list.  “We went eco-friendly because many students have requested it last year, and we are happy to do so.  The way we went eco-friendly is by replacing the plastic and Styrofoam cups and boxes with paper ones.  The only thing we are still working on are the coke cups, we hope to change those soon as well,” Bible said.