Oscar Rosado

LCCC’s own NEO LaunchNET team is planning many events in the upcoming weeks of the new fall semester.

The biggest of these events is the Hackathon. The event will be held on Nov 18 and 20 at the College Center Commons. The event revolves around interested students either from campus or from the University Partnership to come up with ideas for student wellness. If a student has an idea for improving the life of students, the event is there to help the idea come to life. This will be the very first Hackathon LCCC will see. 

“It’s time we have one on our own,” said director of the NEO LaunchNET, Janice Lapina who has seen other campuses do the concept of a Hackathon. “I am excited for it. I hope we have a lot of participants.” Lapina added, “we’re trying to help guide students by picking a topic.” 

The Hackathon will be part of the Global Entrepreneur Week held during the week of the 19th of Nov. Participants can be individual or a group of up to five people. There are opportunities to win gift cards to the Commodore Bookstore. First place will receive $500, second place will receive $250, and third place will receive $125. There will be pizza for all participants. All students are welcome to participate; the event is not major specified, however knowledge of technology can help, even though participants don’t have to be a tech major according to Lapina. “We want people to participate and to have fun, and collaborate that is the key,” said Lapina.

Another event on the agenda for the NEO LaunchNET is Homecoming. Held on Nov 19 at 11-a.m. to 1-p.m. at the College Center Commons.  Homecoming will be to showcase and have an opportunity to meet NEO LaunchNET’s past businesses and alumni. The event will have a fall and football theme, which will include football related items such as small footballs, foam fingers, pom poms, etc. There will even be a variety of food trucks during the event.

In October, the NEO LaunchNET will be presenting at the National Association Community College Entrepreneurship or the NACCE.

The NEO LaunchNET is also looking for an intern to join their team. They are seeking for a student, either LCCC or a student of the University Partnership who can work part time. Lapina says they can work with anyone’s schedule, and no one has to be major specified, anyone who is interested can apply. As an intern for the NEO LaunchNET they can expect to help with class room presentations, and social media management. Inquiries can contact the NEO Launch NET via 440-366-4900, or stop by their office at PC113.

“It is a fun time of the year. It is exciting seeing students making an impact on the campus,” Lapina says. “I’m excited to kick off the semester. Stop by and see us!” said program coordinator of the NEO LaunchNET, Matt Poyle.