Quentin Pardon
Staff Writer

The safety of the students and faculty are very important to the security team at LCCC. This past summer, new locks and glass had been installed to help prevent any threats of a mass shooting. For decades, according to CNN, America has seen many mass shootings including school shootings. 22 school shootings had been reported in 2019.

Campus Security Officer, Kenneth Collins has been working with the security team here at LCCC for 20 years. Before becoming a security officer, Collins was a student here back in 1997. His goal was to go into police work and eventually earned a part time job with LCCC Security team in 1999. “We have a pretty safe campus compared to other institutions,” said Collins. “Bullet resistant glass and over 300 new locks were installed on all the classrooms across the whole campus. I think we made a major move with this right here. It helps empower people knowing that they are safe and are in secured places just in case any situation happens.” Many students felt the same way after hearing the news of the updated locks and glass that were put in.

“You never know when something is gonna pop up,” said second year LCCC student Chakyia Chaney. “I do have trust issues and this really calms the nerves. Today people are really unpredictable and this can save a lot of lives if such an incident did happen.” She is not the only LCCC student to approve of the new installments here. Bryce Wooley had deemed LCCC, “one of the safest schools,” he had attended. “I think it’s pretty cool. Anything that can help improve safety is a good thing,”  he said. When asked what they would do in that certain predicament, responses were similar. “I honestly would hide but I would want to help my classmates be safe as well,” said Chaney. Woolly responded with “My first instincts are to duck and hide. I know it’s the best way to not be in the line of sight.”

Fellow student Valerie Valek claims it as, “A great precaution to have nowadays.” When brought up the mass shooting activity that had plagued America for decades, Valek says “I think we should definitely regulate them and make public safety priority number one.”

If any situation should ever happen on campus, Officer Collins has this to say to the faculty and students here. “Be self-aware of your surroundings. When walking, have your head up no matter where you are at. Run, Hide, Fight. Run if you can get out of the room, hall, building or even off campus if the opportunity presents themselves. Hide. Lock down the room, turn the lights off and barricade yourself in the room. Then wait for first responders to arrive. And of course to fight off the attacker, which is the last option. We have an app that is called the LiveSafe app. It will warn the user that an active shooter is on campus or a fire or just an emergency in general. That is the easiest and most convenient way that we can get a hold of them.”