Oscar Rosado

Twelve faculty artists instructors: Brad Blahnik, Donna Coleman, Ryan Craycraft, Joshua Eiskamp, Christian Fredriksen, Walter Grossman, John Hooks, Lauralee Hutson, Molly King, Greg Little, Diane Marrapese, and Catherine Rozmarynowycz presented their artwork at their Art Faculty Fine Art Exhibit. The exhibit officially opened on Aug 26 at the Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery located in the Stocker Arts Center. The art show consisted of all mediums of art such as ceramics, photography, 3D, drawing, painting, 2D, and print making, made by art faculty on campus. There are approximately 76 pieces in the exhibit with them all being either recent or older pieces of artwork. 

Seeing what they can do

“The exhibit is a great opportunity for students to see what our faculty can do [and] what [they] do outside the classroom,” said Diane Marrapese who teaches ceramics, and who played a big role in the development of the show. According to Marrapese, the art show took three to four days to install and lay everything out and hang properly.

Group effort to make 

Instructor and Art Program Coordinator Joshua Eiskamp helped coordinate the show and was responsible behind the scenes. It was mostly him and Marrapese setting up the show, but according to Eiskamp, “was a group effort to make it happen.” Eiskamp also said, “The faculty artists did a good job to promote faculty and their departments and creates interest in their classes.” The show was set up so that certain pieces of art can catch people’s eyes when they enter the gallery.

 “It’s fun to see what the faculty is doing these days,” said Marrapese. The faculty art show runs every two years and Marrapese said it is a good time for instructors to work on their art and create new pieces, as it can be difficult for them to work on them and teach classes at the same time.

Walter Grossman who teaches conventional photography, experienced his first time participating in an art faculty exhibit. To him, being apart of the show for the first time was not a problem, and with regards to the exhibit as a whole, he said, “I’m impressed. Real nice stuff. There usually is good presentation.” Grossman has been a photographer for 60 years, teaching on campus for about three. His photographs in the exhibit are older pieces of work from the 70’s. 

Another instructor who participated was Greg Little who approved and disapproved where the art pieces were placed in the gallery. Expressing his thoughts on the art show, he said, “It’s really strong. I love all the color in all [and] hopes people come and see the show.” 

The exhibit will continue to be at the Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery until October 3. Gallery hours are 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment. Admission is free and open to the public.