Students unwinding in the lounge in UC 122. Oscar Rosado | The Collegian

Oscar Rosado

The campus’ own student lounge officially had a grand opening on April 17. Saul Aguilar, executive secretary of the Student Senate, said that there is “definitely a big difference between this year and last year,” and is pleased with the progress the lounge has made. He said the funding had come from the Operation Council, and has been approved by Dr. Marcia Ballinger, president of the college.

The grand opening of the Student Lounge was located in UC 122. 

There are more than 25 board games in the lounge, such as monopoly, Uno, giant Jenga, and giant connect 4 to name a few. There is also a ping pong table, an air hockey table, a mini basket hoop, as well as ski ball, and also a pool table which was already there. There is even a Nintendo Switch gaming console where people could play fun simple multiplayer games like Just Dance. 

Aguilar said that the items present in the lounge isn’t what the senate came up with alone, but rather the input of what students wanted to see in the lounge via word of mouth, or by survey. The purpose of the lounge is for students to “go in, have fun, and forget about stuff.”

This has been a project two senate groups ago, and is still a progress as Aguilar assured “it’s not the end of it.” It is a continuous effort to always make the lounge better. As the current senate members leave and the next group comes in, they are passing wherever they leave off at, essentially passing a torch from one senate group to the next.

Aguilar commented that in the end, it is a “student effort, not just the council.” He adds that the council is always open, and if students have any suggestions for things to be included in the lounge in the future, things can always be added.

There was food, drinks, and snacks at the grand opening and everyone was “encouraged to have a good time,” said Aguilar. He added “the goal of the grand opening is to show it’s a place students can go.”