Quentin Pardon
Staff Writer

All that hard work had finally paid off and you can finally walk across that stage with your family and friends in the crowd cheering you on as they announce your name and you grab your degree. No one knows the struggles and sacrifices you made on your journey to try and achieve a successful life. You had witnessed many of your closest peers dropout either because of personal problems or temptation. Throughout the troublesome years you had faced, you showed resilience and fight even in their darkest hour. It’s a day to celebrate your academic efforts so enjoy it.

The students’ reflection

Sara Specht spent two years here at LCCC. “It was a challenge. I’ve been out of school for about ten years” said Sara on how difficult it was at first. “Everyone here was very helpful, kind and caring. The availability of tutoring and that the professors actually cared was a great thing.” She plans continuing her studies at the Ohio State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in education.

Aaron Davis took classes at LCCC for three years. Davis’ reflection back on his time here in his own words was an “Interesting ride,” and said, “I did online schooling for most of my life so it was a whole new experience. It was incredible yet challenging but it was a lot of fun.” He added, “I’m studying to be a teacher. I just switched to an education major. I’m considering going to Ashland or Kent State but I may just do something through the University Scholarship,” said Davis on what he planned for himself in the future.

Amaya Robinson is an Early College student and is graduating with her associate’s degree and then her diploma from Lorain High on the 21st of May. “The program pushed me a lot because the work wasn’t easy and knowing that I was gonna receive an associate’s of arts with my high school diploma was motivation for me,” said Robinson. “My biggest obstacle was my depression and anxiety. I let it bring me down a bit but I overcame it greatly!” she exclaimed on her path through high school. She plans to major in radiology so she can go on to study and be an MRI technician. After graduation she is staying at LCCC. “The benefits are the reason I’m staying. Basically getting two free years to get things done is great”.