Professor Zou. Submitted photo

Madelyn Hill
Staff Writer

Dan Zou is a professor here at Lorain County Community College teaching online Chinese language and culture to students. Professor Zou is here on an exchange program with Chang Sha University in Hunan Province of China. This exchange program is more than just a teaching job to Zou. This agreement between Lorain County Community College and Chang Sha University started in June of 2004. Zou states, “It is a great opportunity to be in the exchange program; I get to join clubs, make friends and understand the American culture which makes it worthwhile.” She then adds, “It also helps people to  understand cross-cultural appreciation.” Teaching in America is different than teaching in China.

Zou reports that compared to teaching in China, “There are a lot of benefits here at LCCC.” Zou adds, “Canvas gives a clear outline for both teachers and students, it helps give more opportunity for the students’ learning.”

Zou is very grateful to the many people who helped her transition here in America. She is  currently living with a retired LCCC employee. Zou describes her daily routine. She says, “I walk every day to LCCC which takes about 20 minutes; the land lady drives me when the weather is bad and she makes me feel like I am with my family.” During the holidays, Zou likes to travel. She visits many places in the United States which she states is the “most exciting and most unforgettable part.” Her travels include Niagara Falls, NY, Washington DC, Death Valley, CA and many more.

Zou also wants to show her gratitude to her co-workers. She says, “They gave up free time and weekends to welcome the Chinese delegation.” While the Chinese delegation were here, they were shown how to set up classes and how to be more hands-on with the students. Zou has a hope for this U.S.- China partnership. She says, “I hope that this partnership will continue at Lorain County Community College, to help students learn Chinese and the culture and to also build a friendship between China and America,” says Zou. When Zou returns to China, at the end of the year, she plans to continue teaching as a college professor and use what she learned here and apply it in the classroom.