Sedeno taking a foul shot

Maria Alejandra Rey
Editor In-Chief

David Sedeno the new player for the basketball team had a long way to go before coming to play with the Commodores. “I got offers from Arizona, California, Las Vegas and New York among other places, but I decided to choose LCCC because the level of the team was higher and because the chance to train with coach Martin Eggleston,” the 20 year-old Spaniard says. 

He explains that the way the game is played in the United States is on a different level of skills. He added “after all kids here play this sport from the moment they can walk, while in Spain we play soccer, so they have a few years on me but I’ve gotten to their level.”

  “The team is really competitive and we are always trying to get better,” said Sedeno. It took him a while to fall into place but he has gotten good at it. “I had an advantage, I had been in the U.S before and I’ve gotten used to the slang use by basketball players,” he said.

His dream will be to be able to play professionally and to live off of basketball. “It would be ideal to play in the NBA after getting my bachelor’s degree and live from basketball,” he said.  For now he is focused on finishing school and doing well on his games while enjoying the time in the U.S. “It takes  some getting used to (living in the United States), especially the people and the weather but is not that difficult,” he says, after all he is from the south of Spain were it is warmer and the Mediterranean sea is just a couple of minutes from his house,