Ramona Anand

Camryn Moore
JRNM 151

Ramona Anand, founder of LCCC’s Society of Women Engineers, SWE,  and project manager in the Engineering and Technologies Department at LCCC, received the SWE mission bronze award for her accomplishments this fall. For the second year in a row now, Anand accepted her award at the WE18-World’s Largest Conference for Women Engineers, in Minneapolis on Oct. 20.

Anand met all the requirements for this award and she said, “SWE Mission Awards recognition of demonstrating SWE’s core values, and continuous improvement and growth, while working to achieve the Society’s strategic goals.” She met these requirements on other various accomplishments as well. This is not Anand’s first SWE award, as she also received SWE Advancing leader award, February 18, 2017, at the University of Pittsburg and she was recognized as a Woman of Achievement, by the YWCA of Elyria in Fall 2016.

SWE President Arshiya Anand is Ramona Anand’s daughter and is one of her biggest inspirations. Ramona Anand said, “It is a team effort. She wanted me to start the society and so I did.” The mother-daughter duo has been working together on SWE for about 10 years and they started SWE in 2012 with the help of a campus grant.

Ramona Anand said, “Dr. Marcia Ballinger’s support keeps us running.” In a letter written to her in January of 2016, Ballinger wrote, “I appreciate your dedication and the tremendous impact you have made on campus and in the community.” Ballinger, who is the president of the college, attends many of the SWE events, showing her support and approval. 

     One of SWE’s main goals is globalization, and to be recognized as a global organization will require the society to have roots set in a “college atmosphere that lets you think-outside-the-box,” as Ramona Anand put it.