Neo LaunchNet Director Janice Lapina welcomes visitors to her new office.                     Sam Doll The Collegian


By Samuel Doll
Staff Writer

The Neo LaunchNet Burton D. Morgan Foundation office has been moved from the confines of their old classroom office in the Bass Library/Community Resource Center to a sleek workspace located on the first floor of  The Patsie C. and Dolores Jenee Campana Center for Ideation and Invention (PC113). The big garage door has raised a lot of questions regarding the newly built space.

“Many small businesses started in a garage,” said Neo LaunchNet Burton D. Morgan Foundation Director Janice Lapina. While the amount of space hasn’t changed necessarily, the modern design brings it up to speed and makes the office more inviting. According to Lapina, her team and she has had a lot of traffic recently which has been great for publicity. 

Currently, Lapina is the only full-time employee and she works with three others. She’s the go-to person for networking with her established connections all around LCCC and Lorain County. Marketing Specialist Matt Poyle brings his entrepreneurship skills to the crew as well as an educational programming background. Their intern, Jordan MacKay, is very creative having her hand on the current pulse of graphic arts. Lisa Mackin is a staff associate. “But she’s much more than that, she’s our jack-of-all-trades, we are a small staff but a mighty staff,” said Lapina. 

In its six plus years of service, this week has been particularly busy for the team but things have since settled after the move and Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

The Neo LaunchNet’s main goal is to assist small business and students to reach their business goals. Currently it is not looking to add staff but may be hiring in the distant future. There will be small changes made over the course of the next year in appearances and technology. It also works with the Unity Lab and graphic design students collaborating on projects for local businesses.

While it is officially open for business, the Neo LaunchNet plans to host an open house when the spring semester starts. All of this could not have been made possible without the Burton D. Morgan Foundation who work with colleges across Northeast Ohio, assisting students and small business achieve their dreams through networking and other support.

 For inquiries check out the Neo LaunchNet website at