The Student Life’s front desk is all decked out to celebrate the holiday season. This year’s theme is the Polar Express. The Student Life staffers and the Student Senate members worked tirelessly with the decoration.                                                Maria Alejandra Rey The Collegian

Jayne Giese
JRNM 151

The Student Life and the Student Senate offices are geared to celebrate the holiday season and to participate in the 2018 Holiday Decorating Contest and Ugly Sweater contest organized by the Staff Council at Lorain County Community College.

Jade Widener, an education major and a student worker, at the Student Life, said it took her and her fellow coworkers a little over a week to decorate for the contest.  “Our theme is the polar express going to the North Pole,” said Widener.  

The Student Senate got creative with their decorations by using crafts and materials they already had.  “A lot of the stuff we already had on hand.  We made the train for the polar express out of cardboard that was given to us.  All the paper that is used we took from the education center,” said Widener.

There are seven different categories in the 2018 Holiday Decorating Contest: Small group, medium group, large group, individual, most creative group, most creative individual, and People’s Choice.   

Judging for all categories except the People’s Choice award will be held on Dec. 10 between 10 a.m. and noon.  “The people’s choice category is for the students on campus to get involved and vote on their favorite group,” said Berens.  The people’s choice category is a ballot that will be sent out to the students via email on Monday Dec. 10. Balloting for People’s Choice award will then be closed on Dec. 11 at noon. Announcements and all awards will be taking place on Dec. 12. MarketPlace is another group competing in the holiday contest, and Diane Nott is in charge of the theme and decorations.  “We only have a little bit started but the theme will be a traditional Christmas one,” said Nott.  “Right now I have Santa’s corner started with the tree and fireplace, but I plan to hang snowflakes all around the MarketPlace,” Nott said.