Kirsten Hill, Jay Sigal, Angela Andujar, Jayne Giese,
Deric Nichols, Oscar Rosado and Devon Serrano
JRNM 151 students

LCCC students and other area motorists sense filling their gas tank costs more today than last year.  In fact, filling their car gas tank today costs $40 up from $32, a 25 percent increase, according to price chart.

 “I honestly think gas is expense,” said Julia Jalovec, a student from Avon attending LCCC. The average price is $2.88 per gallon in Greater Cleveland recently as opposed to $2.30 per gallon a year ago, according to GasBuddy.Com.

A variety of strategies are used by drivers to afford gas when prices are rising.  “I get gas once a week.  I always go on Tuesday or Wednesday,” said Atti Stafford, also an LCCC student from Avon.  The UPS driver making a delivery at the Express Petro station, Ron Knox, knew that prices were lower in Elyria than in his hometown, Vermilion.

Harris said he “goes to three different stations, the Marathon on Middle Ridge and Lowell Street [and here, Express Petro on Abbe Road in Elyria].”  Of her once a week stop Stafford says, “I get my gas from Costco so I think it’s a little lower.”  She uses her membership card.

Additional gas price increases are expected by the end of October, according to some analysts. According to Gas Buddy’s Sept. 24, report, “Gas prices edge lower, but supply worries may bring higher autumn prices” indicates an increase of barrel oil going up another 25 percent from $80 today to $100.   “I think that oil business and the slowing of (oil production) has something to do with it,” said Vincent Abt, another LCCC student. Another student Isaiah Ingram commutes to LCCC every day of the week from Lorain. He said the price of $3 for a gallon is “ridiculous, It’s just unconstitutional. I had to adjust my work schedule so I would have more for gas, sometimes I even debate about going to class because it is so far away from my house,” he said. On average, it takes Ingram $33 to fill his tank up and that is a struggle financially for him.