Deric Nichols
JRNM 151

Lorain County Community College hosted a celebration that recognizes the craft of cycling and how it can help mold the future of transportation.  The event brought out faces from all over the community including Edward Stewart, one of the men responsible for the development of the Elyria Bicycle Education Center. Stewart is a certified instructor for the bicycle center. 

The Elyria Bicycle Education Center located at 408 Middle Ave. accepts old bicycles and bike parts and repurposes them back into service. The education center then offers the refurbished bikes to people for a low price. Classes are offered that help with familiarizing with your bike as well as learning mechanics  and maintenance. 

 This non-profit organization is run by volunteers who dedicate themselves to giving back to the community. “It was a longtime dream of mine,” said Stewart, “I hate to see good stuff thrown away.”

     Stewart gave a lesson at the celebration on how to check a bicycle for safety. Safety lessons tips included how to check handles bars and air in the tires. After starting over a year ago, the Bicycle Center continues to grow.

This celebration was arranged after a student from the school reported their bicycle stolen from the campus. Kokai Mimami contacted Lisa Augustine, program coordinator for

 the health, physical education, and recreation department, acted to help Mimami. Augustine was able to raise enough money to gift Mimami with a new bicycle to ride. “I came back to find my bike gone early in the morning,” said Mimami. As a foreign exchange student from Japan, Mimami uses a bicycle as transportation to and from the college every day. “This is my means of transportation, it was sad knowing someone took this from me,” said Mimami, “but I am thankful people around school helped me get a new one.”  

      This event informed cyclists that new routes are being developed to ensure safe travel. These paths will allow riders to travel to and from campus with ease.