Madelyn Hill
Staff Writer

The 2018 One Book One Campus initiative, offered by LCCC’s Provost Office, is in its second year and has released this year’s book. The initiative hopes to bring awareness to a program whose purpose is to bring equity awareness to the college campus. This year’s book, which is titled “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond, tells the story of eight people and the struggles of eviction. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in reading the book within the 2018 academic school year and participate in the book discussions. Participants are able to pick up a free copy of “Eviction” from the second-floor library circulation desk.

   Leader of the initiative, Marianne Carvour, hopes that the program will have an impact. She has expressed that the program is much greater than just reading a book. “The book allows us to talk about uncomfortable situations,” said Carvour, “it also helps build a relationship and trust between students and staff.” In reading this story, she hopes that people are more aware that poverty is more common than one might think. Many LCCC students struggle with eviction and may not have the support they need to reach their full potential. Carvour believes that every student deserves a fair chance at education regardless of background or situation. “The goal of the program is to help students succeed,” said Carvour, “the hopes are to break down barriers and bridge that gap so that students can succeed, no matter what their job may be.” 

   Professor J. Robert Loftis, of the Arts and Humanities Division, believes that the one book, one campus initiative is invaluable. “I think it is invaluable for students to understand inequality through casual processes like this,” said Loftis. The diversity and methods that Desmond, the book’s author, uses in the book can be applied to several division courses taught on campus. “People in humanistic divisions can ask about the motivations and feelings of the characters he (Desmond) portrays,” said Loftis, “People in the sciences can talk about his (Desmond) more statistical work.”