Camryn Moore

JRNM 151

The Women’s Soccer League of Lorain County Community College has had a perfect season. So far, they have come out with a big win against some of the hardest teams around Ohio.

    Alana Gonzalez, the team captain, said, “Three words that best describe my team are: hardworking, exciting and family.” Gonzalez said that her team of once strangers have made her decision to turn down D1 offers to stay local, very easy. She says, “After spending so much time together, we have all gotten to know each other really well.” Team bonding and trust in one another is the recipe for success when it comes to these ladies.

        Goalie, Emily Patterson, has been playing for LCCC for two years so far. Patterson said, “As a team, we make this college proud. I believe that just being able to be a student athlete is amazing.” The determined goalie said how juggling schoolwork with their athletic schedule could be tricky when also balancing there outside responsibilities.
      Coach Jessica Paul is extremely proud of the ladies who make up the team. Star-scorer Emma Horoschak said, “Coach Jess is the most supportive coach and puts all her effort into motivating us and that definitely plays a big role in our teams’ determination.”
     ​Paul is in her third season coaching the league at LCCC and sees the talent of returning players. 

    “I don’t know if there is one thing that makes us undefeated. I think it’s been a culmination of hard work, heart and pride. They have never backed down from a player or a team and know in their hearts and minds that they deserve an undefeated season and they will do whatever it takes to get there,” said Paul.

          ​For the rest of the upcoming games, these ladies have high hopes and no fear to be playing teams they have already played again. The league has confidence they will go undefeated throughout the entire season, away or on their own turf.

          Horoschak said that every team should be looking out for this team. “We have a variety of skilled teams to play against,” she said, “but we are able to adapt and build our team no matter whom we face.”

         ​Gonzalez said, “I love representing this school. It has given me so many athletic and academic opportunities, so I hope I make LCCC athletics proud [as a leader].”