By Oscar Rosado

JRNM 151

A student photo contest, organized by LCCC’s Student Senate, will run until the end of October. Students can submit their photos with the goal of the contest to answer the question “what does equity mean to them.” Those who participate can take a photo and submit it to the Student Senate’s Facebook page with the hashtag #lcccphotocontest2018. Those with the most creative and interesting photos  receiving  gift cards ($25, $15, $10) said Student Senate President Jude Jeon. .

Other plans include input that is being asked to make the student lounge “more for the students.” The student lounge is located in room 122 at the University Center. At the moment it has a foosball table, a pool table, student-made arcade machines, a vending machine and a television. Currently there are plans to bring in ping-pong table. They will have board games such as Sorry, Monopoly and UNO.

 There are also plans to get a Nintendo Switch for students to play casual multiplayer games such as Just Dance and others.

There are also plans to repaint the lounge. Design ideas are being floated to reflect the students. If students have suggestions of what they would like to see in the student lounge, contact the Student Senate in room 223 of the College Center.



The Coalition for Christian Outreach is having a Jubilee event February 22-24, 2019,  in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a three-day event where gatherings, workshops, and community groups are in session.

Another upcoming event, which will take place next semester, is the student allies program. It will have experienced students on campus assist with orienting international students and helping them get settled on campus.