Jay Sigal

JRNM 151

 “Fire Prevention Week” begins each year during the week of Oct. 9,” Kenneth Collins, director of Campus Security said. The official reason for the calendar set-aside is the commemoration of the “Great Chicago Fire” of 1871.
   The city burned for three days between Oct. 8 and Oct. 10, 1871, and ended the lives of 300 residents, destroyed approximately 3.3 square miles of business and residential structures, and left more than 100,000 Chicagoans homeless.

Fire Prevention Week is now the longest running public health observance event in the nation. The week has been sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) since 1922, and, was declared a national holiday in 1925 by President Calvin Coolidge, stressing the importance of fire prevention.

“Safety is important for everyone both on campus, and at home. Be aware of your environment,” said Collins.

Collins mentioned the necessity of checking the batteries in our home smoke detectors and if not already equipped with such, “have them installed.” He also said that everyone “should consider purchasing a fire extinguisher as well.”

For additional information on fire safety and events connected with Fire Prevention Week, go to NFPA.ORG.
    If you are interested in fire safety as a career choice, be sure to check out the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fire Science at LCCC Career Services.