Kerri Klatt

Lorain County Community College was recognized as the leading community college in the nation for Excellence in Student Success by The American Association of Community Colleges, AACC, on May 1, 2018. LCCC was amongst six finalists recognized. “We are passionate and persistent,” said Tracy Green, vice president of strategic and institutional development at LCCC, “And this was great validation coming from the AACC, because they are the voice of the community college.”
The AACC located in Washington D.C. is an advocacy organization that provides a voice for community colleges nationwide and creates initiatives to promote recognition and advocacy for community colleges. The AACC represents 1,250 two-year colleges with more than 12 million students nationally.

         The AACC reviews data and practices of the college to gain results. “It is the how and what have you accomplished,” said Green, “They (AACC) look at student completion, students whom graduate earning a degree or certificate within a 150% duration of time, persistence which include students continuing education, and transfers,” said Green, “Our success rate is 60% where the state average is at a 51%.” LCCC is also recognized amongst top colleges in the state of Ohio according to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

“LCCC is top in the state of Ohio for those three categories as well,” said Green. The commitment to student success and fostering student success is LCCC’s mission. “To have that validated at a national level and be top in the country for excellence in student success is validation that we are on the right track,” She said. “But it also says a lot about our students; We can only do so much as an institution and our students have the grit.”