Andre Malabanan

Staff Writer

In preparation for the new set of student leaders in the upcoming Academic Year 2018-2019, student senate elections were held by the Office of the Student Life on April 23, which ran until April 27, with the winning results announced on April 30.

A total of seven candidates applied to run for different positions in the student senate for the next academic year. Four of the candidates are student senate incumbents namely Eric Skinner, Felicia Densmore, Sijoon “Jude” Jeon, and Paul Warkentien. Newcomers are also aiming to be elected in various positions in the senate namely Danielle Porter, Deborah Porter and Saul Aguilar.

When asked what their dream projects would be, Densmore, who is currently the University Partnership representative, running as the only senate president candidate said: “One project that I would like to work on is a series of workshops surrounding civic engagement. Students at Lorain County Community College are going to be the next group of civic leaders, so it is important that they know how to get involved on campus and in their communities.”

According to Jeon, who is currently the senate financial secretary and running for the vice-president position in the senate, he would be attentive with the students through surveys. “What I am planning now is that after doing student survey, I would do my best to organize any event that can improve students’ satisfaction of their campus life,” he said. Currently the senate Learning Center representative, Warkentien is also running for the senate vice-president position. According to him, he wants to see more representation and advocacy for the Learning Center students in “both Student Senate’s decisions and in decisions made by the administration, I would also like to see the amenities we enjoy on main campus such as bottle fillers be brought to those centers,” he said.

Another incumbent vying for a position, Skinner, who is re-running for the position of senate event coordinator says that he wants to bridge the gap between the regular LCCC students and the LCCC International students. “My dream project is to help plan and coordinate the international dinner with the help of the international students this coming fall semester,” he said. Competing with incumbent Skinner for the event coordinator position is Danielle Porter who is calling for an advocacy to break barriers encountered by students. “My dream project is to advocate for some the many barriers that we the students face throughout our time at the school. I also want to throw more events and functions that will be more inclusive to everyone,” she said.

Running as the only candidate for the senate financial secretary position is Deborah Porter. According to Porter, her dream project is to put together a music band in the campus and “to have a diverse music/poetry/dance club up and running for the talented students on campus like myself to perform for the college as well as the community,” she said.

Like Densmore and Porter, Saul Aguilar, is also the only candidate for the position of the senate executive secretary who envisions a more integrated and united college community. “My dream project is a big festival/party with tons of integrating and team-building activities and good food with the sole purpose of making our students interact with each other,” he said.

The University Partnership representative and Learning Center Representative are currently vacant positions as of this time.

Outgoing student senate president Alexandra Moen, who is on her junior year and will be continuing her bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies at Cleveland State University, expressed that she has loved working and serving as a student senator. “I hope that the student body is happy with what I have been able to do as their president from the Student Lounge, Student Senate Scholarship, and successful events I have helped lead. I have learned so much from this position and I will always be thankful for the opportunity to be a Student Senator,” she said. Another outgoing student senator is Kimberly Weber, currently the vice president of the senate, who is graduating this fall semester from her Associates of Applied Business in Accounting at LCCC and will be continuing the degree at Kent State University. “Throughout my time as Student Senate Executive Secretary and Vice President this year, I have learned the value of teamwork, leadership, and time management. I am very grateful for the opportunity to represent the students at Lorain County Community College and I feel that I have made a positive influence on campus,” she said.

The student senate is a legislative assembly that acts as a liaison between students and the school administration. Members of the senate can be elected and/or appointed.