Kerri Klatt

Staff Writer

The Career Services at LCCC is committed to helping students find success beyond the classroom and college.

The Career Services sponsored with the Lorain County Joint Vocational School, Ohio Means Jobs agency, and the Lorain County Urban League to host the 2018 Career Fair. The event was held April 9th in the John A. Spitzer Conference Center and the Ben and Jane Norton Culinary Arts Center. This event was an opportunity for students and community members to meet, greet, and connect with employers seeking employees.

There was an estimated 459 attendees that attended the event with 124 employers. Many different industries were represented at the fair that included government, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and education.

The Career Coaching booth offered students who have not attended an event such as The Career Fair before as well as providing advice and confidence for interviewing and networking techniques. Sarah Hyde-Pinner, Experiential education professor and coaching booth attendant, “We have 124 employers as well as so many students and community members. I am just excited to help people get to where they want to go,” said Hyde-Pinner. “I am like they’re cheerleader.”

Rochelle Hordal, a business administrative major, “My ideal job would be something in programming,” said Hordal. “I am keeping my options open.”

She took advantage of the various industries available at the fair.  “Specifically, I saw that there were manufacturing job at a cosmetic store which I am very interested in because I have a background in cosmetics,” she said.

Riddell is a company that designs and develops protective sporting apparel, equipment, and other products. “We are here to look for possible candidates and get our name out there as well,” said Riddell Human Resources Manager, Leigh Cullen. Riddell’s newest facility in North Ridgeville recently opened in May 2017. “The new facility is fantastic, this is our first full season and we are excited,” said Cullen. “We have expanded and have almost 100 plus employees.” Football season is the busiest season for Riddell. “Football really starts in August,” said Cullen, “We need to get things done so that when they hit the field the equipment is there, which is critical,” said Cullen.

The Elyria Police Department employs both sworn officers and civilian personnel with about 100 employees. “Our cities goal is to get 90 officers,” said Tyler Loesch, Elyria Police Officer. “We are currently at 84 officers and in the next year we expect nine to retire so, we are hoping to build our numbers.” The department accepts candidates that do and do not have prior experience. “We take officers that have been through the academy, officers from other departments, and we take officers that don’t have any experience at all,” said Loesch. “It is a great place to work for,” said Loesch.  “Once they express interest in you, they will do what it takes to help you.”

Nicole Franklin (Morgan Conrad), an accounting major, “I am looking for a summer internship,” said Franklin, “as well as continuing my education through LCCC’s partnership through Hiram to get my bacholers in accounting.” St. Hazards Resort has full service accommodations located on Middle Bass Island. Patty Nixon, representative for St. Hazards Resort, offers summer work to students interested in summer employment. “The staff is housed at the resort,” said Nixon. Earning a salary, getting experience, and staying at a resort for the summer sounds like a great summer.