ODHE aims to rid sexual violence within Ohio college campuses

Kerri Klatt

Staff Writer

With April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a survey released detailed how dire the sexual assault situation is within colleges.

According to the Association of American Universities, AAU, a Campus Climate Survey report revealed that 11.2% of all students experience rape or sexual assault. The Climate Survey is a survey assessment measure required by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, ODHE, as part of the Changing Campus Culture: Preventing & Responding to Campus Sexual Violence Initiative. The initiative is result of national studies that revealed inconsistencies on procedures concerning sexual violence on college and university campus’.

The initiative’s mission is to eliminate sexual violence on all Ohio college and university campus’. One implementation within the Changing Campus Culture initiative is the campus climate surveys.

The purpose of the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct is to provide information to administration and other authorities on how to approach and respond to sexual misconduct on campus. “Our endeavor is to ensure a safe and healthy environment,” said Keith Brown, Director of Human Resources. It is designed to assess prevalence and characteristics of incidents as well as the overall perceptions, risks, and resource information amongst students. “The survey asks students about their perceptions of the climate at our institution,” said Brown, “The goal is to help us better understand a critical aspect of campus life as it relates to sexual misconduct and help us enhance our prevention and outreach efforts.” The survey will assist administration with implementing rules and regulations that will be implemented on campus. “Our goal is to encourage 370 students to participate,” said Brown.