Matt Gergely

Staff Writer

An event held in the Spitzer Conference Center provided expert advice for those with a loved one suffering from autism.

Over 3.5 million people throughout the United States have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to Bloomberg News. For the loved ones of a person suffering from a form of ASD, question about what special needs or treatments might be required into ensure the proper development of their family member. Those people who needed answers about autism were given a platform to ask their questions at the autism panel.

The forum included speakers Thomas Frazier, a chief science officer at the non-profit organization Autism Speaks; Beth Roth, who works for University Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital; and Joseph Stram, a member of Milestones Autism board and grandparent of a person with ASD.

Doors opened at Spitzer at 6:30 pm and the program ran until 7:45 pm. Each member of the panel began the forum with a story, sharing their experience with autism and how new research and information about ASD is changing the way previous generations dealt with people suffering from autism.

After each panelist was done sharing their story and information, the floor was open to questions by the audience which included educators, loved ones of a ADS family member, and ordinary people who are trying to become informed on the advances and opportunities for autism treatment. One of the most asked questions at the forum was the matter of educational opportunities for people suffering with ASD and the speaker brought up advancement and more importantly funding for programs that help transfer disable people to and from school. Whether it be elementary, high school, or college.

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