Ashley Meecha

JRNM 151 Student

The Marketplace on campus has now it’s first franchise restaurant to offer.

Students now have the option to eat at the new Subway located in the Marketplace found in the College Center that opened on Mar. 5.

Debbie Jansura, Director of Conference and Dining Services, has high hopes for Subway. Janscura explained during a recent interview the important impacts Subway will be bringing to campus. “We are hoping the addition of Subway will rejuvenate our retail operation on our campus. With that, Subway allows us to extend our retail hours,” Janscura says.

In addition to the extension of retail hours, Subway also provides a much healthier variation of food. Janscura said that the main goal of the dining services is to serve quality food to campus, as well as keeping a healthy option with a lower cost.

While many students do eat on campus, many more students will begin to venture into a much more healthier variety at Subway. Austin Hess, who is majoring in video game design, regularly eats on campus. Hess says, “I enjoy Subway, so I will be eating on campus much more because of the better food options.”

Lexi Elbert, majoring in early childhood education, eats on campus at least twice a week, and says that it is much easier for her to eat on campus in between classes because she is so busy. “When I cannot make food at home, I come eat on campus, so having a Subway will help me choose healthier alternatives,” Elbert says.

While Subway is located in addition to the Marketplace, the Marketplace will still be open until 2 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays; however, Subway will still remains open until 8 p.m. Snacks and drinks will still be sold until 8 p.m. as well in the Marketplace, according to workers Juanita Schoewe and Emily Fick.

Subway will be bringing in their own workers, but students will also have the opportunity to apply for jobs there. Those who are interested can apply at the Sheffield Subway, located at 5282 Detroit Rd., or online at