Jeffrey Braden

JRNM 151 Student

Those who are unaware of the struggles and challenges LGBTQ+ people are faced with on a daily basis can now  be educated on campus.

Safezone, a program that started last year, is geared toward educating staff and students at LCCC about LGBTQ+ people and is offered by The Sexual Orientation and Gender Equity Committee.

The program is offering a course to allow staff members and students to become Safezone certified during the spring semester. The course will be on Mar. 16 from 10am-noon and will be held in Room 118 in iLoft.

Kei Graves, an ambassador for Safezone at LCCC, describes the course as having “primary focus on LGBT issues but also on intersectionality.” He elaborated saying this means that Safezone courses will also explore the ideas of race and socioeconomic status and how those factors intersect with LGBTQ+ issues.

The training will include “basic LGBT vocabulary” and cover issues such as sex assigned at birth, gender identity, pronouns, and how all those relate to each other, according to Graves. He described the training as “very hands on”.  Each attendee will be given a free workbook related to the course and will learn “what it means to be a good ally” to the LGBTQ+ staff and students on campus.

Whitney Houghland, a Safezone certified academic adviser at LCCC, said that being a part of the program has opened her eyes to “how difficult it is for people to come out” and other struggles LGBTQ+ people face in their lives. She went on to praise the program saying it “gives students the opportunity to be who they want to be, to be safe and proud.”

For more information, visit the Safezone page on LCCC’s website at or contact Graves at