Symbolic and historical significance influences eatery’s name change

Andre Malabanan

Staff Writer

Lorain County Community College’s student restaurant has changed its name to “Sage and Seed” as a more accurate representation of the knowledge passed on from teacher to students.

“A lot of different names came up and this is the one that stuck,” said chef Adam Schmith, LCCC Culinary Program Director about the renaming of the former Rathskeller, now Sage and Seed, a student-run restaurant located at the Norton Culinary Arts Center.

The restaurant reopened as the course Restaurant Capstone, taken by culinary students, opened this spring semester on Jan. 30. According to Schmith, the “sage” symbolizes the wisdom of the teachers in the program and the “seed” signifies the students who will be learning from them.

Another reason behind changing the name of the restaurant is to honor the idea that the college is built on  farm land which the majority of was originally a vegetable farm owned by LCCC’s Dean of Health and Wellness Sciences, Hope Moon’s great grandparents.

“Rathskeller was a name prior and it really didn’t fit our room. Rathskeller is like a dark dwelling a basement style restaurant and we are a bright lit restaurant. So it doesn’t really fit with that,” said Schmith.

The Culinary Program Director, believes that the rebranding of the restaurant positively affects their initiatives of reaching out to the community by opening their culinary institute not just to the locals but to surrounding communities as well.

“I have heard feedbacks from customers, it is a hit. People enjoy seeing the development of the students,” He said. “We have a bunch of regulars from the college but we have really been receiving people aside from the community in Lorain County but also from Cuyahoga County and the surrounding counties.”

The student-run restaurant was originally open for eight weeks but because of the large size of Schmith’s class has decided to split the class into two, allowing the restaurant to run up to 16 weeks.

“I think the long term goal here is to try to find a way to make this an actual restaurant that will open not just for dinner service but possibly for lunch and breakfast. We are doing nothing but growing around here,” Schmith said.

Sage and Seed is now open every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm from Jan. 30 until May 2 with an exemption on spring break dates, March 13 and 14.