Marie Tobin

JRNM 151 Student

Students will soon have an additional lounge on campus to relax and enjoy themselves in between classes, and they have the Student Senate to thank.    

“It’s not going to be just another gamers’ lounge,” said Alex Moen, president of the  Student Senate, “This is a place where all students are welcome, regardless of race, religion, gender, or interests.”

    The lounge will be located on the first floor of the University Center.  According to Moen, there is no confirmed finishing date, but there will be a grand opening once the project is finished.

Features will include new couches and a pool table.  Possible additions include vending machines, a Keurig coffee machine, a microwave, a foosball table, and a table tennis table.  The Student Senate is welcoming donations for the mentioned items.  Also, they would like to replace the current University Partnership wall with a mural created by a student.  This mural would display the various University Partnership options that are currently being offered, as well as possible future opportunities.  Students are welcome to offer assistance with this project.

     Students expressed their excitement for the project.  “I’m quite excited to hear about the new lounge,” says Austin Hess, a video simulation major. “It will give us students a chance to relax after a rough day of class, or after that one hard test you’re over with. I can’t wait for it to be done!”

“The intention behind this project is to create a space where students can become involved on campus,” Moen said.  “This is a two-year project that four student senates have worked on, and we are very positive about the outcome.”

  For more information, contact Moen at