Kerri Klatt

Staff Writer

As students were in class on Feb. 22 having teachers fill their heads with knowledge, students in the College Center Commons were having volunteers during the Food Fest filling their stomachs with various, tasty food.

The Food Fest was an event that was put together by the Student Senate as a method of raising funds.  “This is a fundraiser to raise money for the Student Senate Scholarship that we have created,” said Alex Moen, president of the Student Senate. “And everyone loves food.”

The event required participants to sign up prior to the event in which participants prepared a dish of their favorite food to have voted on. The event was a $5 admission for faculty and staff but for students and children under the age of 12, $3 was the admission.  Students, faculty, and staff voted on the three best dishes prepared by participants, and the dishes with the most votes would win a prize.  Participants received five tickets to vote for their favorite dishes.  They could either give their favorite dish all five of their tickets, or split them up among different dishes.

Volunteers in the event ranged from students, faculty members, and Student Senators.  Moreover, The Collegian’s very own Editor-in-Chief Logan Mencke also volunteered for the Food Fest.  “When I spoke with Alex, she asked if I wanted to volunteer,” said Mencke.  “At first, I wasn’t interested, but because Alex has been so helpful to us at The Collegian with helping whenever we cover a Student Senate event, I figured this was the least I could do to show my appreciation.”

  Mencke would be glad that he decided to join in volunteering for the event because his dish, homemade chicken noodle soup, won third place with 35 votes.  His prize was a basket of coffee accessories with two mugs, two bags of Dunkin Donut coffee, and creamer.

First place winner, Riley Figueroa had prepared rice and beans winning a crock-pot with a basket of cooking utensils and several gravies. Figueroa won with 59 votes. The second-place winner, Selena Vazquez had 40 votes for the elote (grilled Mexican corn) dish winning a popcorn popper with pop-able popcorn and two popcorn containers.