Mark Perez-Krywany

Sports Editor

Emotions throughout the course of the game can sometimes get the best of people, even when trash talking plays a factor.

As a result of a fist fight that happened in the Fieldhouse Gym during a women’s basketball game between Lorain County Community College and Hocking on Jan. 20 2018, Commodores’ Rose Carter, Hawks’ Jermacia McKee and Shalyn Johnson have been facing multiple investigations.

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), LCCC’s Code of Conduct, and The Elyria Police Department have investigated the events. The NJCAA has resolved their investigation and gave Carter a two-game suspension that she is currently serving after recovering from a shoulder injury as a result from the fight, according to head coach of the Commodores Vince Granito. He also said that he is not sure whether or not she is going to sit out the rest of the season on her own choice.

“That’s the standard NJCAA. If you get ejected, you have to sit [for two games],” Granito said.

McKee and Johnson have also missed two games after the fight and are back on the court for Hocking College.

The Code of Conduct is being reviewed, according to Tracy Green, vice president of LCCC.

“As we look at Rose [Carter] being our student here on campus, then that would go through the campus Code of Conduct review as well,” said Green.

The incident report by Campus Security lists Carter, Johnson and McKee as persons of interest.

According to the Campus Security incident report, “no determination could be made as to who was responsible for starting the fight though claims have been made by witnesses that the Hocking [College] students were the cause. Through the duration of the games archived livestream, the three can be seen throwing punches and kicks at each other before Hocking coach, Michael Mosley, pulls Johnson away after roughly 16 seconds of fighting. A few moments after Breanna Fortney, LCCC’s fitness trainer, intervenes and splits McKee and Carter apart. After they were separated, Carter hit another student, Annie Rhodes and then McKee can be seen reaching around the trainer, Fortney, and hitting Carter again. A short time later, Carter is seen falling to the ground, which then leads to McKee kicking Rose [Carter] in the head and the LCCC coach, Vince Granito pulling Rose Carter away. The three students involved had been separated before (Elyria Police) units arrived on the scene. Carter had mentioned pressing charges which led to dispatcher Brabson contacting Elyria Police Department who then dispatched four officers to the Fieldhouse. Carter was eventually transported via LifeCare to EMH hospital in Elyria with a possible dislocated shoulder.”

LCCC has removed the “fist fight,” portion of the broadcast from the game film that they posted three days after the game, according to the video on their YouTube page.

The incident report also included a statement from Fortney.

According to Fortney, “At a women’s basketball game, there was a fight during the third quarter. After the referees and coaches failed to break up the fight, I decided to do so. While I was attempting to break up the fight, the athlete from Hocking College, [McKee] attempted to hit me in the face as well. During the fight, the Lorain County community college girl [Carter] was kicked in the face while she was down. The athlete from Lorain county community college [Carter] sustain a dislocated shoulder as a result of the fight.”

Another anonymous source said that the tension originated from trash talking throughout the game, which was confirmed by the police report.

“Officers spoke with Rose Carter at the UHEMC and were advised she was talking back-and-forth with the girls from the other team and advised the physical altercation was mutual,” according to the police report.

In the report, it listed Carter as a victim and no arrests were made on the “disturbance” in the gym. The narrative in the Elyria Police report said “officers spoke with the film crew and were advised the only footage they obtained involved both benches clearing and showed several subjects fighting on the basketball court.”

The Elyria Police Department has been given the responsibility to take over the investigation, according to Green.

“We have the police do what they’re doing, in terms of if there is anything to be done. That’s out of our hands,” Green said. “We just cooperate officially with any requests for information that we would receive, and we haven’t received any as of yet.”

The case was recently closed.